Life Sciences

The Life Science Course trains students to become experts or researchers who can contribute to our society with a basic knowledge of biological phenomena and high-level technical skills to utilize life- and bio-resources. In this course, the special classes deepen students’ understandings to life-science fields by teaching basic mechanisms of life with diverse taxa including bacteria, plants and animals, as well as technology for analyzing gene expression and chemical components of organisms. In a series of seminars, students learn research backgrounds by reading scientific articles currently published in international journals. A special research program aims to foster students to have good abilities in conducting research and presenting the results, under the support of their mentors.

Agricultural and Forest Sciences

The Agricultural and Forest Sciences (AFS) course aims at contributing to sustainable human life, appropriate systems of bio-production, and activation of agriculture and forestry through improving the technology. The AFS course consists of four fields: crop and livestock production, horticulture and plant science, agricultural economics, and forestry. Our students acquire profound knowledge in specialized technologies in agriculture, animal science, plant science, social science, and forestry. We train students to specialists with entrepreneurial spirits to create the future of agriculture and forestry.